Inside Out

An exterior of calm
With dignity and grace
Always dressed smartly
And of course, the pretty face

Outward a careerist
Professional and strong
Confident lady
Who can do no wrong

The persona is happy
Optimistic and light
Takes nothing to heart
yet puts up a fight

Is that the real me
Or do I reveal
The darkness and sorrow
So hard to conceal?

In truth I’m a shell
Of all I‘m about
I walk around heavy
I’m always in doubt

Decisions made difficult
My vision is cloudy
Feeling so lonely
So drab and so dowdy

Wanting to please
The ones that I love
I fight off my demons
With my spirited glove

Things have got easier
As the months have gone by
But now I’m left wandering
If I’m me or just my lie

Maybe the clouds are lifting
Or is this just a trick?
For one day it’s over
And the next day it’s thick

You see my armour
And with you it holds no clout
I’m sure that you see me
From the Inside Out

You’re my one true rock
Who sees all that I am
You’re much more than special
And you sign my things ‘ Mam’

by Katherine Chambers

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