WJL ( / San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Inside Out

Me, very often, I react to a mistake I made;
As if I belittled or turned myself against me. My want not to make a mistake;
Seems presumptuous that I am nearly without error. And if I appear upset or tight-roped;
I do not want to be knocked off my pedestal. A mistake to me is a saying that I am what I am;
A knock on my intention, an assertion I am not dealing with the facts. When I comprehend my short comings;
I must really listen to them to make me grow. My help to others is to do right, not just what I want;
To do all things will definitely enhance me. I am interested in what I say or do;
But I am more interested in my feelings and their accomplishments. I want to live not from the outside in;
I want to live from the inside out.

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