Inside Outside In Front Behind

Inside, outside, in front, behind
Outside not much
In front not there
Over seen
Over passed
Behind something
Inside a lot more
From underneath it all
Beneath hurt
Beneath sorrow
Beneath tears
Inside she’s still there
Inside she’s still here
Underneath she’s still alive
Underneath she still thrives
Out from it all
Above it all happy
As can be
Until again
Into her shell she hides
With the wish it could have been
Without the tears she cried
Off into sorrow and back
Out again life is like this all the time it
After all is just life it’s not perfect like her not perfect life is like a rollercoaster ride
Up and down and all around
Down hills
Up mountains life is not the best it goes
Down its not fun
Except when you hit a bump and it goes
Up and away far past the clouds of the bad day
Beyond the tears
Beyond frowns she bound to be happy how ever strange it sounds
From it all life is good
Against tears
Despite the frowns
Out soaring
Above the clouds
As strange as it sounds
Above the ground
Across the sky
Among the clouds
Around she fly’s
Up in the sky she fly’s
Into the night she fly’s life is good
With no tears
In her eyes
As she fly’s
Through the skies

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