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Inside The Heart
KMS (06/01/1990 / Hull)

Inside The Heart

Poem By Khalid Mansour Saleh

We all know you want someone to share those lonely nights with.
We all know you want someone to hold and call yours.
We all know you want the small things that make a big difference.
We all know, that this is what every person wants.

Why must we go through this life, alone.
With no-one to share the things you need to say.
The things that stop you going crazy
The things that play on your mind all the time.

I sometimes believe I don’t need anyone.
I know its not true, we all need someone
You can’t survive on your own it’s a known fact.
We all need someone to share our life with, its human instinct.

I swear this, I didn’t want to end up like this
A little bit bitter with everyday that goes by.
I wish that I could be stronger
But I’m not.

This I promise to myself, to try each day
To prove myself wrong and work out my life
Then maybe the pieces will fit together.
And the jig saw will be complete

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nice poem..yeh it's true we all need someone in our life.