CJ (8-17-91 / Maury County, Tennessee)

Inside The Mirror

I look at this girl before me
She's familiar, yet unknown
She's reaching out to touch me
She's abandoned and alone

She's living in a nightmare
Her eyes are tightly shut
She can't stand to see her pain
Caused by those she used to trust

She tries to speak, and cry for help
But her words will not come out
It's like nobody can hear her
No matter how loud she shouts

I'm the only one who understands
The torture she's been through
Her mind's been toyed and played with
And her heart has been abused

Now if her heart is broken
Can I put it back in place?
Can I wipe away the teardrops
That are falling down her face?

Can I erase the memories
That are deep inside her mind?
Can I take away the hurting
That she's suffered all her life?

And can I make her smile
When all she does is frown?
Can i pick her up and hold her
When she's lying on the ground

Can I hide her imperfections
If they're all she ever sees?
How do I tell her she's pretty
If she doesn't know what it means?

And if she wants to be alone
Am I supposed to follow?
How do I turn the light on
If she's hidden in the shadow?

And if she turns to walk away
Do I try to pull her nearer?
How do i help the person
That I see inside the mirror?

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Comments (3)

This is such a great poem. I like it a lot. I can totally relate to it. Keep up the great work.
Great poem...remember that we are in charge of our destinies and our feelings. If you want to be happy you must find it. If it is hard to find all that means is that it is going to take a while for you to find it, but never lose the search. It will take you far off course and it will be harder to get back on. Great imagery you get better and better with expression with every line that you throw out.
wow....this is an awesome poem, and i can relate to it so much...thanks