Inside The Spiteful Fire

Inside the fire, the path away.

How long, will our worlds be true?
Red, white blossoms and the morning dew.
Forsee, beyond your hope filled fate,
A world of hateful demons wait.

So look, inside, the black, white fire,
When all else, goes beyond your desire.
Step inside the all evil portal,
Welcome, to my world, new blood, immortal.

Forget your dreams, your pain, and admirers,
Your hope, life, loves and desires.
All pain, the wounds, the heart filled sorrow,
The fallen, the yesterday, the new tommorow.

Your soul, your life, lies with me,
Your life, now lived with apathy,
Now bitter, cold, your pitch black heart,
Please, my love.
Don't depart.

By Danze

by Danze Zane

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But there is only something that you can hope and pray for.....there are many uncontrollables too...such is life... Cheers. Subroto