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AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)


Poem By AHO Speaks

Emotional feeling in every human creation
Free to add for the true strength of a nation.

Will the children keep coming and do we really go?
Is life a singular event or a continuance of the human show? .

Life on earth with a universal creator as a prime thought
Judgment to realize we receive what we had sought.

We should remember how to forgive and to share
At the end our God can say; 'come my child, for you did care'.

We may believe that we did succeed
Yet we forgot to sow the truthful seed.

Success may have an earthly measure
But not to be part of the heavenly treasure.

Eternity cannot be experienced nor anything to face
A gift from the eternal creator; not to be found in outer space.

How can I believe in what my sense's cannot see
I get confused when I read a sentence that has the word me.

Religious words mysterious in their content of time
But I do understand the phrase; 'I will make you mine'.

10-11-05 Aho Speaks

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