(June,1943 / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

Insight - A Lesson

Night. Bed.
Awake. Asleep.
Asleep but yet awake -
And happy,
Oh, so happy
When suddenly
Piercing this blissful state
A din!

A shouting, clawing
Angry mob
Which spills
Splits and pours itself
Around the 'conscious' self
In a flash
Knows itself to be
The target of their wrath.

Like a cold
Heavy shackle
Clamps itself
Around the heart
Then tightens.

For a second,

Unbounded terror
Explodes within!

The 'conscious' self
Barely finds the strength
To utter 'Master', 'Master'.

To no avail.

The crowd continues -
It grabs and jeers and claws.

Flesh. Blood. Muscles.
The body is ripped and torn and shred
By their fiendlike mindlessness!

The weakened 'Conscious' self
Manages a feeble
Whispered, 'Master'.

No respite.
No rest.
No end.

The madness continues.

Then in a flash
It's known! It's clear! -
It wasn’t the Master
Who failed!

A brilliant light
A boundless joy
Flood the heart!

Then poof!
It's realized -

Another lesson's
Been learned!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

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