Insistent Ramblings

Insistent ramblings on white paper
Words, they do confuse me now
Glaring sharply back at me
Daring me to stop, to forget it all
But how could I when it is a part of me
It is you of whom I write
It is you who is the source of my pain
It is you stenciled into my eye lids
These words I write stem from you
They are roses, beautiful to gaze upon
And thorns, painful to the touch
Both lovely and ugly at first glance
It is words who paint my story
It is words that provide my escape
It is words that challenge me now
Urging me to put down my pen
And lay the past gently in a coffin
Hypnotic power these words do have
Willing me to do as they wish
But even stronger still is my love
I cannot sever the tie it creates
No more than I can fly unaided
Thus leaving me here to be dragged along
Bumped and bruised behind you
I wish I could heed the bidding of the words
Who plead with me to move on, to forget
I can feel their concern
But it is not my choice
I am pulled along by love
I hope the words can forgive me
And that you understand…
I love you with all of me, no less
Has it not crossed your mind
That you once loved me too
Insistent ramblings on white paper
Words they do plead with me now
Glaring sharply back at me
A tear escapes my eyes
And smears the black letters
It is as if the words are crying with me

by Jennifer Sol

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Wow. That's really good. I like it.