TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Insomnia Blues?)))

Fear of getting caught got you up and scared?
Are YOU afraid that you have been identified?
Are ya stewin' in your own juices honey?
While your PC actions are clarified? ;

With those cute little ole' attachments your sendin'---
But ya know they ain't no good---
Are you worried at all little darlin?
The shrew of the neighborhood;

See we got your number a while back--!
You and your west coast CONNECT...! ! !
Idenity fraud-is really quite odd!
Especially when you practice to infect!

June 3,2010

A Poem About Hackers
And Virus Senders.
Some Of Who Have Been Identified.
This is the kind of thing that should
Never go on but it does and it is a
Very cruel and sick thing.

Dedicated to all of you who have been
Their victims! ! ! !
Heres to catching them all! ! !
It is a Federal Crime

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