Driving Me Insane

all i hear is,
you said this,
you said that,
so much drama,
blowing it all out of wack,
get the story striaght,
you driving me insane,
just placing blame,
just let it be,
who have a problem?
why should it matter?
don't we all want the same thing?
you driving me insane,
just placing blame.
just let it be,
it my life,
should i fight how i want it?
NO! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
because you driving me insane.
trying to make my point.
when i'm not being heard,
even when i scream,
IT'S MY LIFE! ! ! !

Copyright © 2009

by mona martinez

Comments (14)

to some research studies, intelligent people are insomniacs. As IQ increases so as the sleep decreases.
tthe narrator should have more life in her voice
Simple yet beautiful
Nice concept for a poem well done hey
A good nights sleep is a blessing. Many of us at one time or another have find it difficult sometimes to go to sleep. We think of any thing or any way to help us get a good nights sleep. I have a few poems related to sleep. Sleep, Sunrise & Sunset, & Then Comes the Night Short and sweet.
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