AI (24.10.1960 / Bangalore)


to all that I can do

I fathom the deep gorges and crevices in my heart
As upsurging waves hit the rough painful shores
Creating unsurpassed devilish yet justified musings
Of Divine creations bestowed truly on me
Merely out of pent in frustrations
Of worldly lust, desire and selfishness
They cling to me like unsustained leeches
Imposing my strange views unconditionally
To glorify my tormented endeared soul
To a vision so far inhumanly misconstrued

As poetic delight pledges raw and famished
Unconquerable quests of glorious quest lie hidden
Deep in the corridors of battered destiny
Awakening the spirit of unknown enchantment
In sanguine and comfortable refreshing ambience
To strike discordant notes thoroughly freestyle
Recorded moments in the unconstrued exotic brain
Which does not conform to religious form or structure
Much less any great skill to perfect

Just for the pleasure of recognition
By enormous giants in the same struggle
To win an identity of my own as one that lived
For else we live in this world but once
And leave no significant mark unto the grave

By aryaindia

Author's comments:
I have discovered myself.....perhaps After finding oneself, then money or material things hardly matter and then, even the outer self means nothing. Only the inner worth and beauty of a person shines brighter and the will to give and give remains the only objective in life. I wish I could be of service to humanity in every way.

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