Poem By vavroovahana patra

Poet provides pleasure of society in various way;
In human beings provides, penetrates rays of gay.
Provides inspiration;
Is an honest creature is God’s creation.

Poet inspires all categories of people in society;
Encourages them earning properly live with delight.
Through poems tries upliftment of society;
People of all religions, castes live with gaiety.

Poet loves minister’s honesty;
Loves employee’s punctuality.
Derives pleasure from the innocence of cultivator;
Loves to remain in the sweet lap of Nature.

Poet is an honest advisor of society;
From good activities of society derives delight.
Loves woman’s devotion;
Loves beauty of creation.

Poet encourages students to a acquire wisdom;
Depicts verses on the truth of creation.
Loves peace, honest administration;
Depicting poems drinks nectar from the brook of creation.

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Abode Of Peace

Chanting God’s hymns proceed on right path;
Being fearless, truthful, devout derive mirth.
God assassinates the monsters;
Contents devotees’ desire.

Yellow Blossoms vavroovahana Patra

Yellow blossoms of mango bloom beautifully;
Poet enjoys the beauty delightfully.
Innocent village looks beautiful;
Peasants enchant being delightful.

Light Of Peace vavroovahana Patra

Light of peace pervades in a lovely family;
All family members live gladly.
Love reigns in the family;
Parents live peacefully.


Beautiful looks ‘Patitapavana Bana’(Temple’s Flag) from a distant;
In devotees pervades rays of love, merriment.
Chanting hymns devotees dance with joy;
Devotees surrender on the lotus feet with gay.

Ocean Of Affection vavroovahana Patra

Mother’s love is an ocean of affection;
Earth is beautiful with mother’s creation.
Her love attracts sons and daughters;
In her lap they are sweet lovely creatures.


Criminals, prostitutes, rapist on the shrine become devotees;
God Siva is the Deity of deities, the Almighty.
Fragrance of jasmines pervades in the environment;
In all devotees plays waves of merriment.