MB ( / Christchurch, New Zealand)


Do you want to know a secret? ' he said
As he laid upon his bed
His frail old bones so tired now
His hair all but gone from his head

I smiled at him with his weathered face
His hand reaching mine with such tender grace
My heart wrapped in his as I searched his eyes
Words interupted by breathless sighs

'I've lived my life with an open eye
And have been so inspired as the days have gone by.
I made a promise when I was your age
That I'd never be kept within a locked cage'

This man whom I'd loved my entire life through
Was about to teach me something new
So I squeezed his hand a little tighter
Knowing him as my 'Heroic Fighter'

'Each day of your life, each moment you live
Keep finding your Inspiration'. He said
His face came alive as he smiled at me
Laying upon his sun drenched bed

'You'll know in your heart for you'll be lifted higher
And warmth will surround your Soul'
'Remember to let Inspiration be free
For then you will reach your goal'

His words meant a lot when he spoke that day
And it seemd my life changed in some kind of way
Now I stand and remember that man, the one who inspired me so
His words, not lost, did well to help me grow

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Sounds like a wonderful person to have had influence you in your life. Those are the greatest gifts. Well done, and thank you. Angie