The distant and enchanted aura of the soul,
Possesses an essential sadness,
That belongs to all Artists and 'Divinity'.
Inspiration searching for a Form,
Of which 'Divinity' had dreamt,
Touches the Artist's hand. . .
. . .And as if fresh from exotic dreams;
The Artist lost within infinitely
Deep and unimaginable dimensions,
Casts himself into the Divinity
Of 'Creation', as inspiration fills his heart; Ego arched majestically blossoms outwards. . .
. . .And as the inward 'Spirit' of the Artist;
Transposes itself into inspiration.
As if cast into magical 'Auras',
Within the silent and evident 'Miracle'.
The luxuriant finery of the Artist;
Excels and from his being inspiration flows,
Into his fingertips and he 'Ultimately' creates;
The Masterpiece that 'DIVINITY' promised him. ..

by Eftalon Harman

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An inspiring poem if ever there was one