Inspiration: (July 20th,2020)

Poem By Dominic Windram

Obese skies are pregnant with black clouds.
Soon there willl be thunder and lightning
Within my summer fueled consciousness.
I seem to have a myriad, starry visions.
O these brightly coloured thoughts move
Like starships in my fevered mind!

Comments about Inspiration: (July 20th,2020)

It reads like a ying and yang and black and white duelling. With the inevitable winner a great poet's inspiration. Nicely written and presented Dominic. And long live inspiration for one would be lost, vacant and broken without it. A full score good sir and deservedly so. Take care.

5,0 out of 5
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May I Never Cease To Wonder

May I never cease to wonder:
At the cascading crystal blue waters
Of the waterfall; at each new dawn's
Sweet sunbursts of flesh pink magic.

Winter's Last Rose

Winter's last rose; rose of regret:
O how once your radiant beauty
Shimmered in summer's potent hour.
Now your faded petals offer,

These Days 3

These days, everyone seems distracted by their
Portable universes; their cool, handheld phones.
Nobody seems inclined to engage or converse
With anyone else. O what a sad state of affairs!

A Lament For The Slow Death Of The 1960's Counter Culture

O you were once wild and beautiful
When summer's rays reclined in your hair
And your Being blazed in valleys and hills.
O you were a force so vital and rare


The cold marble is caressed with fiery grace;
In sculpted textures of figurative skin.
She holds the body lost in grief's solemn place.
She cradles Him as though he was a child still.