Inspiration Overload

Oh, words! Why do you torture me?
You spin inside my head -
I hear you from the morning light
Until I'm tucked in bed;
You cry to me unending,
You interrupt my chores -
I run for pen and paper
To record those sounds of yours;
Some of you are happy,
Some of you are sad,
But most of all you pester
And contrive to drive me mad!
If I try to block you
And pretend that you're not there,
I'll hear you on the radio!
Do any of you care
About the stress you cause me?
I guess the answer's 'No',
Because here comes another poem -
And on and on you go!

by Linda Ori

Comments (4)

You've obviously turned your subconscious in a poem factory, and it can't stop churning them out. While the quality remains as high as this there can be no problem with that! xx jim
Wonderful! I hope you aren't multilingual - or your torture will be amplified horribly! -chuck
In a word Linda brilliant, absolutely loved this you could have been talking about me! and you; ve got the flow to perfection, an insperation to all: -))
This is very Poe-like- I suppose there are worse things to be tortured by than incessant words and ideas. Your imagery is very clear and I can almost imagine what you are feeling. The tile is clever as well, like an oxymoron. Well done!