Inspiration (The Muse)

Love love love I do
a touch of a moment's fulfill,
my heart belongs to you
for I'm here with you still.
All days are though going
into their deeper dark,
after so much touch of glowing
with fulfillment as its spark.

I have I have all of this
that goes and becomes again,
for life is the truest bliss
and never to be had in vain.
So much of dreams coming true
like times that come to give,
its happiness to fulfill you
and make your dreams live.

I love I love I love so much
to dream on and more awake,
each feeling with its inner touch
for every new inspiration to make.
Oh you that comes and goes like light
how much my dreams become there true,
when I catch its moment and its flight
and create from it something new.

by Peter S. Quinn

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