AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Inspirational Poem

i cannot go back anymore-
these stars have impregnated my eyes-
inspired divine destinations
that tangle and twist,
roads of hope inside my soul-

i feel i need to regurgitate,
the heart of humanity aches in me-
breaks in this
small skeleton of human soil,
wash the feet of the dying
in holy spit
that seeps from my chapped lips-
and fold these fragile fingers
around a prayer
to free these shackled wings

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Comments (5)

Hope does fly on those shackled wings. Beautiful poem. Uriah Hamilton
I love the imagery, very well done.
Like the other guys said - the imagery in this poem is quite amazing. Unique. Well done.
Nice the ending.Nice imagery.good one Amberlee.thank you.
this poem teems and bursts with imagery, wow