I Am A Woman

I am a woman up to the tips of my hair.
I am a woman by spirit and nature.
As no one I have got an innate flair.
As no one I need a daily rapture.

I can make an elephant out of a fly,
My ‘yes’ a man can never deny.

I do not burn in the fire,
In the water I do not sink,
I know exactly who is a liar,
And know what a man think.

Of cause I can stop even a train.
And to stop a horse is not the main.

I am a woman and a man doesn’t realize
How can I wear shoes of not my size.
I can do anything to get a chocolate
Or a beautiful with emeralds bracelet.

When autumn comes I want spring,
In winter I want summer to ding.

I won’t give you any good reason
Why my mood depends on a season.
Out of the blue I’ll arrange drama
Picking the colorful makeup gamma.

But anyway, I am miracle of miracles,
My inner world always sparkles.

I am a woman! I am like a sip of wine.
With the name of God I shine.
I am a woman! But my God is a Man.
For Him I will do anything I can.

by Larisa Rzhepishevska

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Writings greatest prize, is to inspire another to write..10
You are an inspiration in many ways for me David.....I'm working on that positive mind...Hugs....JoAnn