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Inspired By Sunrise
DM (20/12/1988 / Colchester)

Inspired By Sunrise

Poem By David Mitchell

Welcome, thou beauteous lightbestowing hour,
When all things seem to be, for once, at peace!
And when the sun, irradiant in his power,
The nighttime’s dreary darkness makes to cease!

Why do I not more often at this time
Get out of bed to see th’ephem’ral dawn,
And gaze in wonder at this most sublime
Diurnal recommencement of the morn?

Perhaps because ’twould mar its rarity,
Were I to see it ev’ry single day;
No, ’twould not. Though I should watch it daily,
Sunrise’s splendour would not fade away.

(Tuesday,30th August,2005.)

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This is a very nice rendering of the 'sunrise' definitely a beautiful sight of which one could never get bored, because each dawn is different and new. Sincerely Ernestine