Inspired Thoughts

Through my trials & tribulations
I get all my inspirations
to write about all the different things
that in my life & head constantly rings. Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I sigh
All these feelings I feel
I know instinctively they're real. Sometimes I smile
makes me feel good for a while
Then I get serious
feeling broody, moody & all mysterious. If they made never ending oceans
they would constantly be full of my emotions
That permanently battle with each other
no longer do I need to worry or bother. Take each day as it comes
breathe a sigh of relief each day when it goes
Just glad another day to be alive
but why do I have to struggle & strive. These should be happy days
in so many different ways
Why do I feel perplexed & confused
have I or have I not been used?!?

by Anthony A. Malissa

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