KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

Instant Love

It was instantly that I fell in love with you the harder I fought it the more deeper I was falling, it was as if I was sinking into this quicksand and had no way out of this world wind of you.

I had every reason to just walk away, every reason why it would not work but you can’t stop who you love and it has taken it toll and I have no reason not to love you.

I feel as if all of my pray was answered with you, I need someone to love me the way you do, I need someone to have a reason to love me and all that I prayed for I found right here in you.

Instant love is like instant coffee the more you put in the stronger it gets so please do not water it down, don’t leave it alone it will get better with love.

Nothing comes without problems, pain and confuse but if it is not worth fighting for it is not worth keeping anyways.

Instant love most people have a problem with it; they want to know how can you love someone instantly?
Sometimes the answer is not how can you it is how can you not love that person when the quality in the person is what you desire.

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