Writing emotions,
I cannot express myself well
In pathetic prose,
Flowery words get in the way
That's how it goes,
I need the moving drama
Of a loving, dying rose
To paint and move the panorama,
As emotion. mounts and grows.

And I'm not a Novel writer,
Too much time spent,
For this slow driver.

It's instant,
What affects me,
Not time resistant,
Must come out,
Right away,
For in me,
It will not stay.

by Sandra Feldman

Comments (3)

Emotions painted with a few brush strokes A poem created that feeling provokes For her poems, I think we can call Sandra the Van Gogh of us all
You are a beautiful writer. Always heart felt always true. I have read many words from your remarkable pen. xxx
Emotion is the rider, Passion is the pen At the end of every poem we write, Our journey just begins. We write because a poem is our true voice And our voice is instant and unplanned, And that is what true poetry is made of, Not words that come letter after letter, word after word, It is instant and spontaneous, this is what makes you a great poet my friend!