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Instead Of
Aabid Masroor (21/06/1992 / Kashmir)

Instead Of

Moods and minds, winds and times
Fluctuate, as are you in old days
Of weak and full of sleep
The days of rest, the days of full of time
Time to read, in the deep, where silence creeps
To fill the same cold air, into your lungs
As autumn waves from sky drifts
Windswept your mind against your cold nights
That blows and, blows
Leaves on the ground, memories all around
And then you will think of a book to read
That you will go to the shops, instead of temples
You will happen to pass poetry section,
Instead of religious material
Oh, may you pick the same book
Wrote by the same lover, there will be
My lines, instead of holy verses
My songs, instead of string of beads

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