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Instrument Of Destruction

How terrifying a sight of it
on cute bed of mine lying still
sending shivers through my veins
you destroyer and taker of lives.

Intimidator of all and sundry
silencer of bravest of men
demolisher of lives and property
evil one and bringer of death.

Your confrontation have I avoided
never imagining it to come to this
peaceful conduct maintained thus
for mere avoidance a presence such.

Leveller and equalizer of death
evil one and bringer of death
vicious slayer at immediate strike
like venomous snake moving to kill.

No doubt I have of seeing your face
to've imagined encounter face to face
What more of me to expect thus?
of having a dad of being a cop.

There I stood shivering still
gazing and pondering all at you
imagining still my fate with you
as lay you helplessly on my bed.

What paths have I crossed with you?
you wrecker of fame and sorrow
What lands of men you've conquered?
you instrument of destruction.

Having to avoid this all my life
such encounter with you at gaze
Maybe dad has held, dropping forth
His terrifying huge piece of gun
to come defiling my bed this day.

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Great poem, talking about the poet's encounter with a gun placed on his bed by his dad. A terrifying huge piece of gun, being 'an instrument of destruction'.