Poem By Ubong Essien

Tears is no more my portion
What ever you call him
Integritus's your gods
Integritus shall you serve
You said he is the perfect one
The incorruptible
The righteous one
A gods
So what place had a gods in democracy
When the gods are themselves above the law
Having been too right to be wrong
Too enchanted to be challenged
Too undemocratic to watch another rule
Not when a gods can still rule men from the spirit world

They say Integritus is now a Chameleon
I told the people he is a gods
Maybe a parrot had sang too much
So they said he'll sang his head off
Once Integritus mount the throne
To my canopy tree I took to silence
I sang of his white mask
His vain love for the people
They told me about his humble colour
The humility on his garment
His godly integrity
His coat of love
And zeal for excellence
I cried on my tall canopy tree
They called me a noisy parrot
A wailing wanderer
Wailing for crumbs and peanuts
When the gods has come to usher the people
Into a paradise of milk and honey
The real dream of the people
Where the compatriots shall feed while the Angels toil

Integritus, Integritus...
Here comes our gods
Our liberty and freedom
Parrots shall hang for singing against him
That was the songs on jubilant libs
This noisy parrots in silence sang
Exorcise the devil
And banish the corrupts with corruption
Rejoice for ever with your gods
But let me never hear your voices in groans
Let your tears not flood my way
Parrot I am
This tree I've been
I've seen a lot
Cry a lot
To cry again
Never I said
To sing again and sing off my head
I'll watch from this tree
The paradise you craved

Integritus is your gods
Integritus shall you serve
What ever you call him
Don't ask me to sing
Integritus is not corrupt
There's no peanut in his paradise
Leave the parrots out of this
The chains are yours for freedom
The media for his praises
The forces for his enemies
And the courts for his-justice
If this canopy trees shall be spared
We the parrots shall be here
Watching you dine with your gods

Comments about Integritus!

A bold song of a noicy parrot. When the gods are themselves above the law Having been too right to be wrong. Parrots shall hang for singing against him. Thanks.

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