Intellectual Cowards

They are held in high esteem by society,
The crème de la crème in high places.
Revered for their ability to Shapen opinions
And bring focus to issues that each day confronts us.

Yet, they are the masters of the double speak,
From the ends of their mouths, half truths and lies are spewed,
Consciences were long sold, they now hang at a stake.
The truth has lost it place, with deceit they've been inbued.

They condemn atrocious ills by one, yet defend same by others,
They prove by moral standards that Mr. A is wrong
Yet by same principles defend Mr. B while at it
They've become ethically useless, a ghost to reason.

Their master lies in the contours of their stomach
To them, loyalty is but a mercantile  commodity.
Each day the climb higher the pedestal of abstraction
And trade their patriotism to anyone with big pockets.
They brandish their pens to lacerate age old wisdom
Not minding the after effects it brings to the kingdom
Sons of the flies, descendants of greed
Dealers of the brown envelope, a venomous breed.

I have always maintained that when our so-called intellectuals, 'patriots' and 'friends' decide to keep mute over serious issues because it doesn't flame their political and ideological leanings, they only succeed in affirming their intellectual cowardice.


by Francis Enejoh Abraham

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