Intellectual Love

Crude yet exquisite,
My love is for you,
The ruin of my heart,
Is just a blemish to our loves hue,
So, hold my hand,
Shut your eyes,
And deem my kiss,
Seize this feeling as your heart flies,
Your every breath dissects my heart,
Furrowing into it with your kiss,
Bleak to the truth,
I fall for bliss,
We fall together,
But we never let go,
As excitement starts to burn,
Our thoughts stay cold,
Affliction turns to hurt,
Mar to pain,
As you disappear,
I will no longer stay sane,
Ardent and burning,
My love still is for you,
The barrow you lay in,
Is a mere somatic departure of me and you.

by Jasleen Sangha

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