EH (dec 29/60 / Perth NB)

15 Years

I lost you 15 years ago. I'm afraid I will lose you again.
If in 15 years time, I don't remember your voice, what then?
I've grown afraid of Autumn winds blowing dust off my heart.
My tears never turned to ice,
But my memories fossilised,
And broken down by age they fell apart.

I lost me 15 years ago. A stranger woke up in my place.
A stranger I could not forgive, for forgetting your laugh, or your face.
The little garden of my grief is strewn with weeds and doubt
I'm afraid that one by one,
The flowers will be dead and gone,
And I'll lose you a second time,15 years from now.

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A highly imaginative poem touchingly executed. It is really a brilliant poem on death and despair. The last Stanza' says it's deepness. Thanks for sharing.10
Hopes are now like shredded threads! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Another master piece to your credit. You definitely have a way with words.The right choice of words to give life to a very fragile thread of thought.Thanks
Wow! Wow! The double Wow accolade for a poem of uncanny power and illuminations. In your notes you identify your process, namely, TRYING TO IMAGINE. That is the only way, short of divine revelation, for us to experience something OUTSIDE our frame of reference. Ingmar Bergman's film Wild Strawberrries opens with a dream in which an old man sees his funeral procession, but Bergman was working with visual images - immediate sensations. You have worked through language to make the invisible realm temporarily visible, and then it closes and once again seems impervious. But for the moment of the poem - what Hart Crane called, an instant in the wind (I know not whither hurled) - we see clearly the landscape of death.
You have a quite extraordinary imagination upon the principle of Death. And this pom conveys your true expressions towards it.great!
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