We have no problem developing weapons to kill
But when one offers a solution; often said, 'impossible', be still.
As the first stone picked up by man to kill another
Today missiles across the sky to kill both sister and brother.

Histories long journey down the path of destruction
Today's solution only to be in what is called arms reduction
We certainly reduce the number, but improve the technical base
Racing down the path of histroy; to destroy most of the human race.

The police who are to protect carry a gun of war to kill
Yet I have seen large animals incapacitated with a dart and remain still.
Some say that we are a nation of violent people and that is our lot
Solutions seem to be avoided and alternatives seldom sought.

A country named Bosnia at war with people within
Destruction of people and property and a life that is grim.
The strongest nation on earth uses their power and might
But vacillation is their effort and enthusiasm is light..

Factions get their weapons from outside to wage a war you know
Yet the strongest nation on earth cannot stop the flow.
We know who is selling or giving the weapons to those within
Many times it is; 'we the people' who must share in the sin.

We are suppose to set the example for what makes this country great
The family of man needs to protect the children; to show their faith.
A nation's future is dependent on the innocents and those who are weak.
For just like us; in time, they will also learn to contribute and seek.

We learn nothing from the past if the present keeps repeating itself
History of power, evil and destruction, are there on a libraries shelf.
The future is our children who must develope their imaginations in peace
To acknowledge the stages in their life are in preparation even tho brief.
03-31-06 Aho Speaks

by AHO Speaks

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