IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Interfering Entities For Joe Poewhit

I cannot explain how I feel
when disconnected from the net.
Isolation lacks appeal
I am frustrated and upset.

I try rebooting my P.C.
May be it’s just a simple glitch.
My empty screen still smirks at me
my anger grows to fever pitch.

I try again without success
The gremlins have it in for me,
delight in blocking my access.
I try and try persistently.

At last again I am in touch
with friends of mine both far and near.
I have escaped the Gremlins clutch
although I know they are still here.

I think they live in my P.C.
or just perhaps in cyberspace.
They interfere maliciously
and they prove very hard to trace.

I wonder what they did before
computers came upon the scene.
Will they evolve for evermore
I think perhaps they might have been.

The source of all the fairy tales
That we are read at mothers knee
and when at last that magic fails.
They have to find some place to be.

Maybe they have a right to live
as sapient forms of energy.
Should I take pity and forgive
the spiteful tricks they play on me.

It seems that I have little choice
I must accept that they exist.
Although sometimes I raise my voice
imploring that they will desist.

From picking on me frequently.
I rather think they understand
and for a while I’m trouble free.
I must request I can’t command.

For gremlins rule in cyberspace
it is their normal habitat.
They live at a much faster pace
than what we do and they can chat

at speeds we cannot comprehend
quite free to roam the internet.
Producing results they don’t intend.
Which leave us angry and upset.

When we cannot communicate.
They block us inadvertently
because they don’t appreciate
just how annoying they can be.

This might be idle fantasy
but there again it might be true.
I find that it amuses me
when I have nothing else to do.

When disconnected from the net.
Whilst I must wait impatiently
I will no longer fume and fret
but use the time productively

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Rudyard Kipling


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