Lost without your smile
I look to you for guidance
So I may reunite for the while
With the other half of my soul;

Your presence my essence,
Your dreams my passion
As I try to recreate your luminescence
To carry me beyond the darkness;

Tonight your soft voice is strong
To guide me beyond the constellations
And through the heavens long
Forgotten by the mellon collie;

When you bat your eyes tonight
They seem to distract the moons
As they individually turn into a satellite
Admiring a beauty so rarely witnessed;

Tonight there is no gravity or restraint
Only the limitations of our creativity
Can bind us from our heart’s quaint
Passion that pulls us through the galactic belt;

Come now my darling, admire the eclipse
Where we will be granted our privacy
And now I can finally taste your tender lips
While we are cloistered from your admirers.

by Jonathan Kyle Vargason

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