In my solitude,
I have a dream of you.
Suddenly, I feel you are very near,
and my eyes fill with happy tears.

In this quietude,
when even the smallest noise seems rude,
there falls over me a great peaceful mood,
and I seem to melt into you.

I feel the softness of your breath;
you cross your arms and fold me in a tender caress.
I see out of your eyes.
I feel your chest fall and rise.

The very weight of your heart I bear,
and I savor the moment rare,
as in this joyous, dreamy land,
we stand as one on a vast stretch of creamy sand.

Though you are far away, my dear,
if at times I seem to be very near,
perhaps, it's because, of you I am a part.
To find me, just look into your heart.

'I dreamed one night that someone was inside of me and I could feel his breathing. It was like his whole body was inside my body and he was looking out of my eyes. I would have been frightened when I awoke, but it occurred to me, maybe I could make this into a love poem.'

by Mary Naylor

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Haunting mysticism. Your eloquent feelings are well expressed in this lovely poem. Warm regards, Sandra