Lay low, my heart, for just awhile
And rest in sorrow's healing grip
For bitter pain brings bitter smile
To reanimate my frozen lip

And I will cry my tears of brilliant jewel
And hold each one dear, in my dear breast
To stoke the flames of winters' fuel
In which my cold heart may find some rest

What a poet would not do for art!
When Hell and Heaven shine just as bright
For broken or burning, it is still a heart
Which reflects the beauty behind my sight

It is not love, nor lust, nor loathe, I feel
It is that burning pain, which a wound can heal

by Heather Marie Mortimer

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Write comment. Impressive piece, Heather. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks
Piece of great elegance with rendition of words to utmost justice. Lovely poem well articulated and elegantly brought forth in beautiful rhyme scheme with conviction. Thanks for sharing Heather.
Understanding one's pain is just so complex like poetry. You have describe it in fine art form. Well done my friend. Congrat for being chosen!
Congrats for the well deserved recognition as the poet of the day! !
Burning pain which a wound can heal. Brilliant and stunning expression. Heartiest Congrats on the member poem of the Day.
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