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Internal Photographs
(12/01/89 - present / Louisiana)

Internal Photographs

When we are together
my heart is light
my lungs fill with laughter
but my brain is consumed
with photographing every moment
for our time together grows short

You're going to miss me
when I'm gone, I know
I'm going to miss you more
being the one that's gone
I'm going to miss everything
I'm going to miss everything

but you most of all
I'm going to miss you

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Heartfelt poem with strong emotions. Well expressed thoughts and feelings. Thanks for sharing.
A lovely heartwarming poem to the mother. Oh u are really going to miss her. U expressed that so well and poetically wow. Thumbs up. Pleez do write your thoughts under my newest poem too, titled, dark skinned vs fair skin, I would love to hear your views
Nika, this is such a beautiful heart-felt tribute to your mother. Congratulations on a very well-deserved Poem Of The Day. Although you will miss her, and she will miss you, you both have the advantage of modern technology. Unfortunately, I didn't have that luxury when my mother was alive. All the best in your new life!
Congratulations on the Poem of the Day, Nika. This is a touching and wonderful tribute to someone very special.
There are so many ways to keep in touch with your Mother. Skype would keep you both in touch. Best of Luck and lovely to read.
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