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Internal War
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

Internal War

I'll keep driving until the tank is empty
Until the memories fade away
I heard a song that reminded me
Of all those painful days
But no one can hurt me anymore
I've got to fight this internal war

I've got to let myself be me
Love everything I am and do
That song can be rewound and
All the hell can be undone too
They don't know what they're looking for
But I'm gonna fight my internal war

I'll keep falling off this rock
Until I see a pleasant cloud
I will not use material weapons
going to make myself proud
I have no fear of what's beyond that door
Finally ready to win this internal war

And yes, there will be obstacles, some
So cruel I can't help but cry
But my soul needs to breath
in life and so do I
I'm eager to await what's in store
After finally conquering my internal war

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I am a fan officially now.. not a groupie don't get it wrong(J/k) I personally feel your work will one day be published.. keep writing and I will read with my heart, I understand.. please keep writing..