GL (March 1,1978 / Antigonish)

Internet Love

A question of two strangers
who share the same desire.
Each wanting to start what
they hope will be a burning fire.

A glimpse of the future provided
by another,
Developed an usual encounter
an, “Internet Lover.”

The words they exchanged
capture their attention like a spell,
One says a joke, the other writes….
a harlequin story she could tell.

Already both have shared stories
disclosing things in their past.
And they share what they feel will
form a love that will last.

A common bond that has intrigued both
and has them wanting more.
A new endeavor embraced by both,
a journey together they will explore.

And if something should happen
causing the burning fire to end,
Both internet lovers made a promise
to always remain internet friends.

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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