Internet Love

Our hands reach out across the space,
when they link, and touch,
a smile lights up my face.
With you I just love to spend my time,
it's as if you are in my arms, and not on line.

To each other we talk, and chat,
sharing our thoughts, and secrets,
saying, where are lives are at.
Then we hold each other tight,
kiss, and cuddle, making love in the night.
Before we know it, our time has flown,
our beds are calling,
in our lonely distant homes.

by Tango Tango

Comments (4)

Beautiful...and it touches a chord! A full 10
Great to know someone else feels the same as me. I too wrote on a similar subject. We all have a lot to thank P.H. for, as we have the opportunity for many new friends. Thank you for this well written piece.
This is very relavent subject. You have sir wonderfully projected every browser's feelings in such beautiful words. Thank u very much. sathya narayana
very interesting depiction of love internet that smooches even from distant shore..............beautifully expressed when luscious green, wellpenned by the lucid flow,10+, thanks for sharing