Internet War

Raging on the internet about things that don't matter,
Trying to get mingled into the great party chatter,
Who's on the other side a chef or karate master,
Whoever it is no it won't end with hearty laughter,
About to blow up the web ending up in disaster,
Typing keys fingers on fire but I need to type faster,
I'll pound on this board until my bones end up all shattered,
You're about to see what I've prepared on this bare platter,
I sit down at a dinner table but that's all after,
I step back to real life into this polluted pasture,
But what the heck's wrong; probably the under-cooked batter,
Everything is wrong because everything can be cancer,
Planting anger to your heart cause' I'm a feeling planter,
Flip over the table and pull out a rusty dagger,
Stab it in your brain pull out mainframe cause I'm a hacker,
You've tried to run away but i stuck you with a tracker,
Did I really leave or am I back at the adapter,
It's been whole entire hours and I still haven't even scampered,
What is real and important I don't know I've been fractured,
I better call my wife over for my meal and ask her,
When was the last time we went... wait I'm alone and sadder,
The computer sucked me away there goes my real stature,
I fall on my hands to the ground to clutter and clamber,
Head first into a wall but I ain't no Green Bay Packer,
I'm knocked out fast put in hospital then I remember,
She told me computer or her but I gave no answer,
I need to talk to her not in this setting or manner,
Quick pain followed by a flatline I've sadly been captured.

by Sketcher Ridpath

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