Rhyming Love

In the folds of night as a wave, you came
Charioted in a filmy dream
All night you were with me
And in love's uncharted land, we roamed

You sang to me sweet rhymes of love
Echoing the lore of romantic lovers
Your voice choked and moist with passion
Overwhelming me with an ecstasy so rare

You fondled me with infinite tenderness
Opening in me all inlets of pleasure
Our hearts with divine furore, filled
And we knew love's sweet benediction

In the seclusion of that silvery night
Looking into the corners of your love lit eyes
I saw an ocean of rising and receding tides
And took a dip in the whirl pool of love

All night I inhaled your scent
Knew the warmth of your breath
Sucked the sweetness of your lips
Alas! With dawn, you faded away like dew

by Valsa George

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Very, very thoughtful and insightful. Thank you.