Interrogation Of Shoes

There was a loud noise when he walked into the room.
He blamed his shoes, the ones with the high arch and worn soles.

Curious thing about the shoes who never spoke in his defense.
Busy chasing spiked heels he surmised with a mind of their own.

The shoes were separated for further questioning,
Independently of one another. They refused to speak unless paired.

He dragged them by the doorway again expecting the same sound,
To prove his innocence among the snickers of not so innocent bystanders,

To prove the same shoes were guilty of that terrible sound.
Nothing but an interminable silence despite re-enactment antics.

A sad interrogation for nobody pitied the man
Who yelled at his big shoes. How small he looked

As the counsel left, the shoes spoke loudly paired once again,
larger than life. No one witnessed their squeaky cries.


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