( / Ashland, Kentucky)


When you were once intertwined in my heart
I remember that joy and pride immensely
You were my soul and you were my counterpart
And I loved you, and I needed you intensely

Not one day went by that I thought not of you
Your image was burnt in my thoughts and my dreams
Happiness and your wants is all I did pursue
Pleasing you and making you happy, were my themes

There were the times when I gave you praise
My love for you I wanted to keep and always preserve
It was truly love and not infatuation or a phase
Whatever I had for you my love, you did deserve

I still remember the love and all of its sweetness
As though it was yesterday and not those years gone past
I was looking for an eternity you were looking for emptiness
So now I am all alone, as I will ponder why it did not last

But that was the time and that was so very long ago
Now I am here alone so what else can I say or do
My love it died and then my sorrows did grow
Once my heart knew of love, when it was intertwined with you.

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