Baby Vol 1

Hospitals with acid phenyl
White walls
Our worries are deepening

To be born what..
What a life..?
Caught in the rise of the waves
Like every human being
In hospitals
With a scream that blows the ears
Baby come to the world

1 minute in 60 seconds
1 minute baby with you
In a minute
There are 25 earthquakes on Earth.
360 falls on Earth
116 people are getting married,
250 babies are coming into the world.
113 of these babies have families in poverty.
15 of these babies's defective.

55,000 barrels of oil is being used
58 aircraft departing,
Google searches for 2 million
Sending 100,000 tweets,
277,000 entries to Facebook,
The sun throws 60 million tons of matter into space.
31,600 tons of water is pouring from Niagara Falls
960 million tons of water evaporates from the surface of the earth

A fly bird flaps 4,000 times
on average, you blink 12 times
Adds 1 cent to the average human wealth on Earth
144 people moving to a new house,
2.5 million kg of garbage is being created,
2,040 trees are cut in rainforests
1,800 stars exploding

107 people die
Meanwhile,18 people are starving.
380 women get pregnant,
About 190 of them unwanted baby baby
A woman dies at birth
40 women make unhealthy abortion

In such a world
I can't tell the guest to come. I can't tell the guest to go.
Welcome baby 250 baby
Like the sign of the cities

April 15,1982
April 11,2019

by Bulent Karaalioglu

Comments (5)

The poem shows the poet's interest in natural beauty leading to joy. His perception of human nature underlines his pessimistic approach to human existence.
Intriguing. He knew how to draw the reader in and then challenge the heck out of him. Definitely going to read more by him.
I cannot explain it, ' you said, 'Ι cannot explain it, ' Ι find people impossible to understand however much they may play with colors they are all black.........stunning expressions with nice theme. Beautiful poem shared.
Ι find people impossible to understand however much they may play with colors they are all black. Lovely poem shared.
They are all black! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.