When Women Will Rule The World

When women will rule the World sadly i won't be around
My bones will be resting forever in some quiet dead person's ground
But what a World 'twill be to live in the flower of peace will bloom again
And for as long as women do rule the World peace in the World will remain,
For as long as men rule the World terror and warring will live on
They have not learned from the mistakes of past male leaders with men as leaders all hope of peace gone
When women will rule the World the World will be a better place to live in
Mothers will not have to weep for their dead children there will not be wars for to win,
Women give birth to the soldiers mothers do not want their children to die
A dead hero is better than a living coward that is if you believe a lie,
Women do not want their children fighting in wars far away
There would be less wars in the World if women had a greater say
And when women will rule the World war will be a thing of the past
The flower of peace will be blooming and beautiful peace it will last.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (7)

A flash of brilliance. One of the best pieces I ever red. Religious tools and affection interwoven. Certainly a good piece.
A beautiful poem in Spanish, and the English translation is good. I doubt if Delmira did the English translation herself. All these people are leaving comments to her as if she were still alive, but she died in 1914!
Beautiful and I really loved the Spanish version because it really accentuates the power of your emotions..
Imagina el amor! ! Imagine the love i dreamded of; with the muse the joy in my heart. Thanks for sharing this lovely peom with us.
This is a wonderful poem and you have done well to interpret in English. Thank you Agustini
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