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I have walked all imaginable ways,
Through oceans, over hills, into deep caverns;
Where the lantern of the watchman holds no sway
And into the drunk man’s taverns.

Through day and dark my footsteps fall,
In the kings court paved in glory.
By the man who speaks and rings with gall
Because bitterness drowns his story.

Where Wizards speak I’ve stayed an hour,
Where lovers lie I’ve made my mark.
In dry woods where lonely evils devour
I’ve killed, and enticed, the spark.

I have passed by the halls of goodness and sin
And have come close enough I could touch them both.
I have walked with worse and better men
And have learned that every last one will loath.

I have treaded lightly by lonely hearts
And those that love has never known.
I have walked under the tallest ramparts
And can see that their height has never grown.

I have walked to and away from closest friends
And have shuffled feet through places where I was unwanted.
I have been down paths until I met their ends
And see there where my weaknesses were flaunted.

I have journeyed through desert and field
And have had my share of abundance and dehydration.
I have walked over dead roads where even kings kneeled
And now see that all men pick their station.

Where crossroads are I have not stopped long
Because even these legs will one day grow weary.
Where good was required, I have turned wrong,
But will continue there even when my eyes turn bleary.

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This is definitely another one of my favorite poems of yours.