Into A Trance Of Solitude

Poem By stephen(steve) jacob

Swirling into a whirlpool trance
When slipped away from tender grip
Fell in the pit cursed solitude
Finding, inconsolably, this world too rude

Here lies the one amidst memory dust
Defending down the memory lane
Of days in proximity of sentiments deep
Now craves with sigh, stubborned to weep

Where went, either or niether bent
Or or nor dent, returned with cajolling suspense
Of who the winner and who the whiner
Bring the rule, a cuddling hug maketh it finer

But ways parted to nurse bruised abstracts
In the hope of concurrence at dusk
Will this gulf be the intimidate thorn
Or will this night pass into The Dawn

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A really great poem, like it, a great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, In The Words Of Bluesman Jack.

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