Into Abyss

Enter abyss
a place where pain Can never exist.
The break of a heart
Is lost in its midst

Now Let us pretend.
That won't come to a end
Then into abyss
I could ascend.

I wish I could
Fall Into the Crack of a heart
A heart that can bleed.

Into abyss
such Bliss it would be

Into abyss.
A heart To good for a dream.
A nightmare instead,
Torn by the seams.
Into abyss too good for a dream.

Into abyss no need to resist
This is a place where death can't assist

This a place where an end can never be seen
Enter abyss too good for dream.

by Ron Farmer

Comments (1)

A good philosophical thought… life is painful and dreaming may relieve but it would only be escapism, Death is the ultimate abyss… Well composed with impressive paradox…