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Into Fwg.

"We are young, we have youth, and we don't care!
The way we feel, we shall live, "for a thousand
year's", and exhaust all our critic's, with
there age old wisdom, the odds are
they shall not live as long as us.
We say with a youthful sneer, in
assuming that our guarantee to life is
safer bet than theirs, "we can dance the
night away, smoke and drink, and try any
new craze that is not good for us.
And mocking invite the mean reaper to
do his damnedest! Was there ever so much
desire and fire, with thing's at such a peak,
is the fountain of youth unquenchable?
Is this the patter of destiny?
Are we controlled by our gene's "which must
escape", or has this been a ritual for a "million",
year's over which we have no control
A Great Bard once said! Youth is not an
everlasting thing, come take it while ye may.

by David Weir

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