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Into Hell

One thing that the Devil will not tell
It is that he doesn't send souls to Hell,
It is not him who cast souls into that lake of fire
Even though that is his happiest desire.
The Devil is happy when we each one sin
Especially when we hate and hurt other women and men,
And when we accuse the Devil of whispering in our ears
It is not him, that causes those fears.
The Devil does not cast sinning souls into that lake
Where in torment they will suffer as God does forsake,
He has no power over anyone's soul
He cannot send anyone into Hell's fiery hole.
Before blaming others on the sins that they commit
Freewill we all have, so let us not ever forget,
That is why we must always forgive and help and care
Into Hell, we send our own souls there.

Randy L. McClave

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